The Proof Is In The Sign: Why Your Business Needs Digital Signage

As paper signage is becoming more inefficient and expensive, digital signage increases in popularity for all industries to communicate with their consumers and future buyers. Be eco-friendly, save time and money, by creating dynamic content and remotely manage content displayed. There are many different benefits digital signage will have on your business, which can help you become more successful within your industry.

No matter what your business is, digital signage can be beneficial. Companies utilize digital signage to share promotions, menus, or any information your business wants to diplay. The most popular industries people see using digital signage in are retail, hospitality, transportation, and entertainment.  Brands that have adopted digital signage noticed a 33% increase in sales. Retailers use digital signage at point of sales and strategically around stores to influence customers’ buying decisions. In stores, there might be displays showcasing a promotion on certain items to get customers to shop those particular items. Over 40% of shoppers say that digital displays can change what they buy because relevant information is served close to the point of purchase.

But what people don’t know is that digital signage is a great tool for intern communications. Digital signage is not only for engaging customers but also for employees, guests, and students. For instance, companies can build a stronger company culture by eliminating excessive emails about company announcements, employee benefits, and special events and display the information on a screen. This makes it the best solution for ensuring that your employee communication strategy actually connects with your employees. Universities can also use digital signage to establish a more connected campus between students and faculty.

See our info-graphic below to learn more of the benefits digital signage has on different industries. 

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