Ten Fun Facts About Azulle

1. Founded To Spark The Drive For Innovation

Established July 2015, Azulle was founded by a small team of tech lovers with the idea of bringing something innovative to the computer industry: small computers with more potential. Seeing the technology world evolving to be more wireless and interconnected, they believed smaller hardware would help create more efficient communication.

2. Versatile Products For A Variety Of Personal & Business Solutions

The small form factor of the Azulle mini PC sticks and mini PCs has changed how the everyday person and industries compute. Users now have a small sleek desktop instead of a bulky computer. However, what is more interesting is how the business world has applied these computers. Azulle mini PC and mini PC sticks are serving as the “brain” of many devices and businesses. Azulle has been seen powering IoT devices like smart washing machines and dryers, smart refrigerators, automated machines in factories, kiosks and more. Smaller business have even created unique use of Azulle mini PCs and mini PC sticks, with MSPs using them as a replacement to thin clients and robotic engineers using them to power their interactive gadgets. 

3. The World’s First Mini PC Stick With An Ethernet Port

The Azulle Quantum Access LAN Mini PC Stick was the first ever mini PC stick in the world to offer both wireless and Ethernet connectivity to power digital signage and more. This was done to provide consumers with more high-speed and reliable connectivity out of a PC stick.  Azulle has since developed new and improved models in their Access Mini PC Stick product line. 

4. A Pioneer Of Fanless Technology

Azulle was the first company to ever design and launch a fanless mini PC stick into the market. The fanless casing was designed with the idea of extending product life and providing silent running by ridding of loud, easily damageable fans. This fanless technology is patented by the company and still used in their product lines today. 

5. Products Dominate Amazon’s “Best Sellers”  for Mini Computers 

When you visit Amazon’s “Best Sellers Mini Computers”, you can always find Azulle’s products splashed across the main page. Their Access Plus Fanless Mini PC Stick frequently ranks  #1 on the list, deeming it a well-deserved “Amazon’s Choice” seal from Amazon. 

6. Great Company Culture

Azulle prides itself on maintaining an environment that nourishes genuine development and happiness for their team members. Azulle’s hiring process is meticulous, as they focus on finding people who truly have a passion for the tasks that their open position calls for. Equally as important to passion and talent at Azulle – is personality. 

The Azulle team members do not see each other as co-workers, but more as a second family. So, they look for potential team members who could blend well into the family. 

Got what it takes to join the family? The perks and environment is sure to not disappoint. The company is big on holding beach days, barbecues, and karaokes for bonding time. This year – the team members took a company retreat to Ginnie Springs, Florida where they camped, river-tubed, snorkeled and swam through the springs. 

7. Company’s Name Was Inspired By A Pokémon

Formally known as “Quantum Suppliers”, the founding team decided to rebrand the company in 2015. Since the members were interested in a blue company theme, a member suggested “Azulle”, being inspired by the blue Pokémon “Azurill” and the word “Azúl” which means blue in Spanish. 

8. Supporting Women In Technology 

There’s a lot of woman power at Azulle! The company has 7 departments: Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Business Development, Operations, Graphics, Logistics, Customer Service, and I.T.  Of the 7 departments – 5 of the department heads are women. Out of the current 20 team members – 13 are women. This is highly impressive, as women are typically the minority in the tech sector.  

9. Named One Of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies In 2017

Representing a 3-year revenue growth of 1,720%, Azulle was featured in the 2017 edition of The Inc. 5000 list. The start-up company ranked in the top 5% of the companies mentioned, coming in at #249. Azulle was also categorized #1 in Top Computer Hardware companies, #6 in the Top Miami Companies and #18 in the Top Florida companies.

10. New 20,000 Square Feet Office Building In Miami, Florida Called ‘Haven’

Azulle operates in its own 2-story office building which the team calls “Haven”. The building has dozens of offices, 3 collaboration rooms, 2 conference rooms, a fully functional gym with shower rooms, a recreational lounge, nap rooms, device testing rooms, an audio studio, art studio and a production studio. They also have a full warehouse and loading dock for incoming and outgoing deliveries. The members plan to one day add a laundry room, library, media studio, meditation room, and expand their current functioning kitchen to be a commercial kitchen with take out service. 

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