Upgrade Your Digital Signage: Power Your Business With S.A.M

 In honor of Ethernet Day – let’s go over its impact, and how Ethernet and the S.A.M digital signage stick can serve you and your business.

Ethernet connectivity is really great for running data-heavy business software. Although Wi-Fi is an open option for connection, we see businesses preferably putting their trust in a solid Ethernet connection to avoid worrying about dropped signal, interference and lag.


Power Your Digital Signage

A great example of seeing businesses taking advantage of Ethernet is with digital signage. Digital signs are controlled via digital signage systems which are data-heavy and require a solid connection to keep the live digital signs displayed to the public running.

A great way to jump into using Ethernet to power your digital signage is with our S.A.M Stick™.

S.A.M Stick is an affordable and user-friendly form of controlling digital sign networks of any scale at anytime, from anywhere. S.A.M digital signage stick is made with the Access3 Mini PC Stick, preinstalled with latest-edge tools developed by technology experts.

Integrated with Sign Administration & Management software known as S.A.M, this mini PC stick allows you to create and edit digital signage elements. The  S.A.M Stick™ management software even offers mobile phone compatibility with its web-based solution, perfect for updating promotional digital signs while on-the-go, all in real time.

The must-have S.A.M software within the pocket PC can be easily navigated by even the most novice of computer users, with available options for graphic assistance.  With all the useful features and capabilities the S.A.M digital signage HDMI stick offers, it’s safe to say it makes for a perfect alternative to managing your digital signs.


 Why S.A.M Stick?

In the era of technology, we can find a lot of innovative technology that are cost efficient for our businesses. Digital Signage is considerably one of the most popular advances that can be used in almost all industries as it is a new, practical form of communicating with  audience.

S.A.M digital signage stick is a palm-sized device which carries all the power you need to run your digital signage, even while on the go, and discreetly conceals behind displays.  S.A.M Stick can be used for virtually any business display. In the food industry, we can see S.A.M stick used to display menus in large screens for walk-in customers to see.  Retail businesses can display promotion announcements, new releases, and slide show images or videos of trending items for sale.  Public and Hospitality sectors can use the S.A.M Stick for welcome signage, directories and live information.

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