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Today, it is extremely common for large organizations to have teams that are in different locations around the globe. This can cause challenges in communication, productivity, and economic growth. How can communication still be effective with team members not in the same location? Is traveling all the time the most effective way to be informed of all remote teams?  Video conferencing has the ability to change the way businesses work and communicate amongst each other.

A few options that many businesses use as a form of communication are phone calls and emails. Both are able to get the job done but are not effective enough to give you the best  connection to your teams. There can be a lot of miscommunication from emails and phone calls can not be as reliable because of connection issues. The most effective solution is video conferencing because it allows you to visually connect with one or more individuals face-to-face in real-time, regardless of your location. This allows for an increase in productivity and keeping everyone easily connected and informed. Video conferencing bridge the gap between effective communication and saving money. Always traveling to have in-person conversations can become very expensive and time spent unproductive. Decreasing the amount of unnecessary travel can reduce 30% of business travel costs. 

Video conferencing resolves the problem of having in-person meetings and saving money, but it can also maintain having effective and productive meetings. Because members are not in the same location and time zones, start and end time must be pre-determined to be considerate to all attendees’ schedules. Meetings will be structured and focused with minimal small talk to keep conversations on topic. Attendees will be able to communicate more effectively and retain more information. The best way to have organized meetings is create an agenda with a list of items that attendees wish to accomplish at the meeting. This helps to make informed decisions quicker and have more meaningful conversations. 

Get more out of your meetings and improve productivity and communications within your organization with Azulle’s portfolio of video conferencing solutions.

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