How to Build The Perfect Home Entertainment Center

Upgrade Your Home Entertainment for the Holidays

The holiday season is here and it’s time to gather your loved ones for some holiday fun. Celebrate the holidays with the perfect home entertainment center the whole family can enjoy. Find a variety of entertainment apps to stream your favorite movies and shows, or get in to the holiday spirit and play your favorite Christmas playlist. Learn how to set a home entertainment center made for the holidays using Azulle Mini PCs.


1. Set Up Your Mini PC 

Choose between our Byte Mini PC, Access Mini PC Stick, or customize your own Inspire Mini PC to work perfectly for your home entertainment needs.

2. Connect Any Display

Connect your mini PC to your smart TV or smart projector using a VGA or HD compatible cable to stream in 4K. 

3. Plug In Your Sound System 

Enhance your home theater by connecting in your smart sound system directly to your device or using Bluetooth for a wireless setup.

4. Get In The Game

Connect a gaming controller or keyboard directly to your device or using Bluetooth for a wireless gaming setup. 

5. Download Streaming Apps

Load your device with your favorite entertainment apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Tidal. Find your favorite Movies and TV shows to start streaming.

6. Take Control

See it, say it, and Cortana will do it. Pair your Lynk to your PC to easily navigate your screen, use voice commands, or type your searches with the backlit keyboard.

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