Game in the Cloud: 5 Best Cloud Gaming Providers

Cloud gaming is still a new concept and is not fully fledged out so most platforms are still in beta mode. But the market and technology are growing rapidly and will be accessible to everyone and most devices. This new pique in interest has even caught the attention of larger companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google as they develop and get ready to launch their own cloud gaming platforms. Gaming on demand takes the hardware out of the equation. Gamers sign-up to an online gaming platform, start gaming, and that information travels to and from the cloud as audio and graphics streams.

We love gaming and are excited about cloud gaming that we want you to be one of the first people to try playing cloud games our Mini PCs. We chose five companies who are a part of the cloud gaming market and can be played using our mini PCs. Be sure to read the system requirements for each service before you make a decision. Download the software of your choice on to your mini PC to get started.  Our Mini PCs are perfect for cloud gaming because they all have an Ethernet port to give you reliable and strong internet connection while you game. The lack of fans in our devices makes them last longer and give the best performance without the worry of over heating or noise. 


Steam is a platform that offers access to 30,000 digital games from AAA to indie and everything in-between. Steam has its own community where you can meet new people, join groups, and chat with millions of people. Although this isn’t necessarily cloud gaming, Steam has a cloud gaming extension called Steam Link. It’s still in beta mode and not yet available in the Windows Store you can still enjoy gaming with this platform.

GeForce Now 

Nvidia GeForce allows you to select games from your personal library as well as supports more than 400 games. Launch the server and  to gain access to your current library of games and start gaming. All the data from your game will be stored and saved on the cloud’s server making it easy to return to your game anytime you want. Keep in mind, this platform is still in beta so you will have to request access and may be put on a waitlist. Once you’ve been accepted, it’s game on. 


Get access to all your PC games with Parsec’s streaming technology. It’s a little experimental but it works for Android devices 5.0 and later. Parsec lets you choose from several hardware providers from different locations at a price so you can play graphically demanding games. For now, Parsec lets you choose from using a Paperspace or Amazon computer but in the future, they’ll offer more machines for you to game on. The company is still expanding and may not be perfect, but you can try this cloud gaming provider out.


Shadow is a remote cloud gaming service that lends you a high-end local PC so you’re not shelling out thousands of dollars on a gaming PC. Shadows lets users have access to a Windows 10 programmed PC with high-end hardware. Install the games you want and the software you need so you can play, work, and experience the feel of an expensive machine.  This is an awesome opportunity to game blockbuster titles or indie games. Plans start at $34.95 a month.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now allows you to play more than 700 PS2, PS3, and PS4 games right from your Mini PC. The platform even uploads new games each month and features PlayStation exclusives. You will also have access to unlimited downloads for a variety of PS4 games so that you can play them directly on your PlayStation 4. Plans start at $19.99 a month but there is a 7-day free trial available as well.

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