Future Trends of Digital Signage

As digital signage continues to become increasingly popular, it will continue to keep up with the advances in technology. With these advances we are guaranteed to see further development on digital signage trends. Right now, screens are becoming slimmer with much higher resolution. We will see an increase of content being more responsive and automated such as displays attuning to the weather or holographic screens. More attention will be drawn to signage with rich, responsive and unique experiences.

An innovation currently being developed is creating a sensory experience with the use of haptic technology. Haptic technology recreates the sensation of touch when users interact with any piece of display. Touch is one of the most primitive senses and the one trusted the most by human beings.  So imagine a holographic screen that you can actually feel when you interact with it. The mid-air haptics reduces the cost of maintenance because there will be less physical contact on the actual display. This is also ideal for those who are hygiene conscious and do not like to touch public objects.

Besides creating sensory experiences, retailers can create more personalized experiences with the integration of AI technology. AI technology adds components such as facial detection so retailers can have a better understanding of who their audience is. Facial recognition will be able to detect parameters like age, sex and mood by analyzing the facial expressions when customers interactive with the display. With this kind of data, businesses can effectively find ways and plan how to better engage their audience and create interactive experiences unique to every individual.

Technology continues to advance daily and we can expect to see cooler displays in the near future. To get our full take on digital signage, read our white paper The Power of Communication.

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