Level Up Your PC Game: How to Get Started with Cloud Gaming

Take your gaming to new heights and play on the cloud. Transform your mini PC to a high-end gaming computer with cloud gaming. No need to worry about what gaming hardware to get, cloud gaming allows you connect to server via internet and stream any games you’d like. Never have to waste time downloading or updating games, just stream and game on. Easily have access to all your games and play them whenever you want. 

Game in the Cloud

The first step to get into cloud gaming is finding the right cloud gaming service. Some cloud gaming services are free to use while others are subscription based. Cloud gaming is still a new concept and is not fully fledged out so most platforms are still in beta mode.  Be sure to read the system requirements for each service before you make a decision. Download the software of your choice on to your mini PC to get started.  A strong internet connection is required to run these programs and luckily all of our devices come with an Ethernet port which helps to avoid latency. Designed with fanless technology our devices are able to last longer and give the best performance without the worry of over heating. 

Recommended Platform

Here’s one of our favorite cloud gaming services to use: GeForce Now 

Nvidia GeForce allows you to select games from your personal library as well as supports more than 400 games. Launch the server and  to gain access to your current library of games and start gaming. All the data from your game will be stored and saved on the cloud’s server making it easy to return to your game anytime you want. Keep in mind, this platform is still in beta so you will have to request access and may be put on a waitlist. Once you’ve been accepted, it’s game on. 

Check out how Youtuber TK Bay plays Destiny 2 on our Byte3 using GeForce Now.

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