Access a World of Possibilities
Use the Azulle Access mini PC stick as an at-home rotative device. Plug the Access 3 into TVs located throughout your home to turn them into a smart TV. Enjoy the capabilities of Windows 10 Pro from the comfort of any room. The Access 3 Intel HD Graphics Card allows for 4k resolution, enabling users to stream their favorite applications like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more, all in high-definition 1080p.
On The Go Access
Slip an Access into your pocket! These palm-sized computer sticks are capable of doing everything that the typical desktop, laptop or tablet can do. Access all of your documents, your favorite applications and surf the web from anywhere, at any time.
Plug-In. Access More
Enjoy the full capabilities of Windows 10 Pro for both work and play. Use your Access stick PC as a personal rotative device. Plug your mini PC into any television, monitor, kiosk, or display screen to attend live conferences, display visual presentations, stream videos, play computer games, and more.

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